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Bomb-Rock Pikmin are burly green pikmin that can pick up the bigger bomb-rocks. they are green and are 20 grams. They appear in Pikmin Wii.

In Pikmin 4:Pikmin AdventureEdit

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This article or section contains information about a non-canon game, Pikmin 4:Pikmin Adventure, made by Legendlink.

These Pikmin return in Pikmin 4. They look exactly the same as they do in Global Breakdown. In this game, every pikmin can pick up small bomb-rocks, but only Bomb-rock pikmin and yellow pikmin actually carry them. Any other pikmin will just take it to the ship for storage.

In Pikmin: Global BreakdownEdit

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In global breakdown these pikmin return. You can get them at The Woods of Faith.Although these pikmin can not withstand explosions, these pikmin are capable of just attacking rock-walls instead of throwing bomb-rocks at it. Even though they do not look burly, that tail stocks it up.

Bomb-Rock Pikmin

Bomb-Rock Pikmin

Bomb-Rock Pikmin 2

Another Bomb-Rock Pikmin

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