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{{Infobox enemy |image=Bomborb.jpg |size=270px |name=Oculus Kageyamii Russus Explodus |family=Grub-dog |areas= |underground= |attacks=Eats Pikmin, Causes explosions |weight=10 |max_pikmin=20 |seeds=12 seeds

{{Taxa |domain=Eukaryota |kingdom=Animalia

These are Red Bulborbs afflicted by numerous mind-controlling explosive parasites, whereas only one could fit on the Dwarf Bomborb. For this reason, it is a creature of many attitudes, depending on which parasite is the most dominant at the time. Sometimes, it will sleep for a long time, and heavy beatings during the sleep can make it incapable of attack in the event that it does wake up. However, it is a very dangerous foe when it is awake. It will not flinch, and it cannot be stunned. It just trudges mindlessly towards Pikmin and devours them. It is also slow to react, so if you step to the side and throw Pikmin at it, it will take it a few seconds to figure out where you went. After the bulborb has been rendered incapable of attack for a certain amount of time, the parasites will simultaneously combust, causing a massive explosion that decimates the parasites and the creature's carcass. For this reason, it is strongly advised that downed Bomborbs are NOT to be carried even when they are "knocked out."

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