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Flint Flicker
Scientific Name Pilli injestius
Family Flint Beetle
Attacks Eats Pikmin

Flint Flickers are enemies in Pikmin 3:Return to the Pikmin Planet. They have the general appearance of an Iridescent Flint Beetle, but are much larger and have a black shell. They will not directly hurt your Pikmin, but they can. They appear like regular Flint Beetles, but only in caves, mostly on rest sublevels or sublevels with lots of Flint Beetles. They will scamper around, and look for other Flint Beetle family members. When they do, they will flick out an extremely long tongue, and eat it. Any Pikmin attack the Flint Beetle or too close to the toungue will get stuck and die. Any treasures inside the Flint Beetle will fall out after defeating the Flint Flicker, and they also always drop a spray.

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