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Scientific Name Shiropedes anacondii
Family Snavian
Max. Carriers 10 Pikmin
Seed Worth 15 seeds
Treasure Value 10 pokos
Attacks Eats Pikmin, emits poison

The Half-Snagret is a super-deadly creature that lives in the Cloaking Field, but will not leave the long grass. It is actually a huge green snake that can move and strike Pikmin at amazingly fast speeds. Although the long grass may appear to provide shortcuts, attempting to run through it is made near impossible due to this beast. Later in the game, you'll need to defeat the Half-Snagret to reach the Temple of Plants. This is done by reaching the Half-Snagret's lair far off in the area. There is a solitary lake where no enemies reside. There is a rock formation in the center. If you break this rock formation with Blue Pikmin, the lake will drain and become a sandy basin. Return the next day with a well-stocked group of Pikmin and enter the sandy basin to face off against the Half-Snagret. Because it is not in the long grass, it doesn't quite have the element of surprise that it used to. Despite that, it is still a dangerous foe. It can lunge and eat Pikmin as it did previously, as well as dig into the sand to emerge in a different place. It is difficult to outmaneuver, so instead try and slow the beast by slamming Purple Pikmin on top of its head. Sometimes it will spray poison gas. Save your Pikmin from this by whistling it. Also, White Pikmin are good for this fight because they can quickly avoid its attacks and latch on to do damage if they have flowers. Once defeated, the Half-Snagret never respawns, so bring back its body for a healthy Pikmin population boost. Now you can explore the long grass without worry of this beast. There may still be smaller bugs that you should watch out for, though. Have your whites dig in the corner of the sandy basin to reveal the artifact it was guarding. Now that the beast is taken care of, you can go all the way through the long grass to the black wall. Take it down to reach the entrance to the area's last dungeon.

Name Edit

The Half-Snagret is called such because it is just a snake without the combination of a bird.


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