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Magnet Void is a dungeon located in the underground of the Relentless Wild. As you progress, you'll pass through different types of scenery. At first, it's a bunch of cave mazes, sometimes opening up into rocky and mountainous areas over an abyss. Deeper down, the whole place will become very colorless, grey and white. Foes become few and far between, but encounters are highly dangerous. Close to the end, the whole place takes on a purple hue with completely black floor. Odd lightning sometimes lights up the area, but it means nothing, it does no harm. There are strangely colored pools of water which you can easily navigate around, and you'll start encountering metal platforms. Soon, you'll reach the final floor boss.

Inspiration Edit

The three types of layouts featured here (cavernous/mountainous, colorless/silent, and dark/lightning) are inspired by the looks of the final dungeons from each of the three MOTHER games.


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