Green Canon
This Article Contains information directly from the Pikmin Games. This article is based off of an Enemy/Treasure/Area/Cave/Pikmin/Character from the Pikmin series of Games.

The Permanent Container is a treasure found only in the PAL version of Pikmin 2 (Piklopedia number 166). It is really a white and orange ICC sealed tin with Japanese writing on top, and located on sublevel 5 of the Shower Room. It will either be in plain view, protected by the cave's Withering Blowhogs, Dwarf Orange Bulborbs, Fiery Blowhogs and Lesser Spotted Jellyfloats; or in the water up high. If the latter is its position, find the mound of sand in one of the larger rooms and make your way up with Blue Pikmin, throwing them over to the right as you reach the top.

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