Pikmin: Global Breakdown was originally made to fit the "named" titles such as PSI and PR. The buildup trilogy was not made yet and PR and PSI had no connection to PGB. The idea for the trilogy just prolonged the making of PGB.


  • The Venom Paracite idea was from Complex Paracite but was driven to link Kryptonite and the giant human-like tick that sucks up the distsnt planet's atmosphere and core.
  • The Venom Paracite controls the giant tick and needs the power of a planet to withstand Kryptonite.
  • No Pikmin from other buildup trilogy games are present in PGB, but all of the Pikmin from the trilogy will appear in Pikmin: Ultimate Doom.
  • This game is the first to feature box art, a beta picture and a controllable Mushroom pikmin, White Mushroom Pikmin.
  • The appearance of a UFO and the communications from aliens hint things for PUD.
  • The Bomb-Rock pikmin picture is really a fan picture of a Green Pikmin from fourms and other websites.
  • The concept of a giant tick was from a Ben 10 episode and the breakdown was a concept to the movie "The Day After Tomorrow".

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