Pikmin 2.1 is just a "Remake" of Pikmin 2. Really it has the same stuff except the enemies and levels. The rest is pretty much the same. You unlock the new Areas with some secrets!


Leaf Mode: It is very Easy, Enemies are very weak and you need only 5 Berries for a Spray! Areas: All old Areas.

Bud Mode: It is like Pikmin 2, only with a new area: Ominous Graveyard!

Flower Mode: Many Enemies, you need 15 Berries for a Spray and you need 15,000 Pokos for repaying the debt. All Areas from Pikmin 2 and the Ominous Graveyard!

Louie Mode: Many Enemies, 15 Berries for a Spray and 20,000 Pokos for Repaying the debt! All Enemies from the Flower Mode are there.

President Mode: Many Enemies, 15 Berries for a Spray, Beerys are very rare and 20,000 Pokos for Repaying the debt. All Areas are here!

Olimar Mode: Many Enemies, no Sprays, the Onion produce only the half of the Pikmin (!), 20,000 Pokos for Repaying the debt, the Upgrades are only half of the power and Nectar is very rare. All areas are here + a little secret!

Challenge Mode: It's like the Pikmin 2 Challenge Mode, only with more areas!

Options: ...

2-Player Battle: Like the one in Pikmin 2.

Old AreasEdit

  • Valley of Repose
  • Awakening Wood
  • Perplexing Pool
  • Wistful Wild

New AreasEdit


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