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  • Description:Commercial for Pikmin Global Breakdown. Look at [1]. For a cool website that you can make up anything you want about Pikmin EVER, come to [2]!
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July 30, 2010
The forums have been completed and are now up for use. Check out all of the new things we've added and keep on editing!
August 10, 2010
The next issue of Everything Pikmin Fanon is up and running!! Be sure to read it, because this issue is themed after Pikmin:Redemption!
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Orange Bulborb

The Orange Bulborb is an enemy in Pikmin 2. It has a general Bulborb appearance, but has black skin, yellow bloodshot eyes, and its backside is orange with black spots, the total effect making it look somewhat like a ladybug. It has the same strategy that all Bulborbs use for attacking, however, this is a unique Bulborb sub-species that wakes up more easily, and has slightly more health, making it difficult to defeat with the traditional Bulborb-defeating tactics. It is otherwise the same as the other Bulborbs. They may be found in many places, such as the Bulblax Kingdom, or on land in the Wistful Wild, by the Dream Den. Usually when there is one of these around, it is almost sure that there may be many Dwarf Orange Bulborbs around.

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Tan Pikmin

The Tan Pikmin is the second-to-last obtained in Pikmin:Redemption. After finding and jumping into the Umber Candypop Bud, located somewhere in The Oasis, you gain the abilities to dissipate quicksand pits and predict when non-Tan Pikmin killing sandstorms will appear.

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