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Pink PikminEdit

Pink Pikmin are the first pikmin you find in Pikmin 3:Return to the Pikmin Planet, and the second discovered in Pikmin: Before Olmair. In Pikmin 3, they have the ability to rearrange the molecules in their bodies to move through walls, kill enemies from within, and are the first and only pikmin that are distinctly feminine. That means they are the only known female pikmin. The Pink Pikmin have a tail that has spikes on it to strike enemies with. While in Pikmin: Before Olmair, they can fly, doing as much damage to an enemy as a purple. Only problem is that it carries things to their onion the slowest(Purple Pikmin being the second slowest).There are no female Pikmin in this game, including Pink pikmin.


In Pikmin: Before Olmair, they are obviously pink, with long noses, and have light-green-colored wings to fly.

Original LocationEdit

In P.B.O., they are found in theForest of Hope(by the place Yellow Pikmin were first discovered in Pikmin 1), flying around playing tag. Their Pink Onion is by the pond.

In Pikmin 4Edit

Geeeeef Pikmin 4:Pikmin Adventure
This article or section contains information about a non-canon game, Pikmin 4:Pikmin Adventure, made by Legendlink.

In Pikmin 4, pink pikmin are also distinctly female, but they are now explosion resistant.

in Pikmin:dawnEdit

Pink Pikmin are the lightest Pikmin in the game, however, they are the most coolest, why? They have retractable spines all over their body, so, while a pink Pikmin is thrown, you can hit B to make it put it's super cool spines out to kill any annoying enemy in it's way!!!

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