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Pit of 100 trials(P3:TDR)
Location true arena
Sublevels 100
Treasures 4
Hazards all

The Pit of 100 Trials is an optional cave but you need to do it in order get 110%. Oddly it only has four treasures, one on floor 4, one on floor 50, one on 99 and one on 100.

Floor 1Edit

This floor is fairly easy, only an Orange Bulborb and some Skitter Leaves block your progress.

Floor 2Edit

also a bit easy just 2 dwarf blue bulborbs and a Blue Bulborb. but be warned as there is tons of water.

Floor 3Edit

This floor is covered in margrets, but 3 of them are creeping crynanthysums.Be careful when picking them out.

Floor 4Edit

Here you find a Bulbmin flower. Nearby are some Snagrets. One of the snagrets pops up from the hole. After this, You get the Sticky Roll which is really just some tape.

Floor 5 Edit

This sublevel is a big barren circle with one Man-at-Legs. Well... that is what you think, when ONE pikmin hits it, 3 Beady Long Legs, and 2 Raging Long Legs fall. But they drop Mitites, the RLL drops 30, the BLL drops 15, and the MAL drops only 2. But the hole is locked until you kill them all and then a key falls, and dissolves unlocking the hole to the next sublevel

Floor 6 Edit

A Segmented Crawbster, 5 Waterwraiths, 3 Gatling Groinks, a Emperor Bulblax, and 5 Withering Blowhogs lurk in a big maze like sublevel with electrodes.

Floor 7 Edit

5 Spotty Bulbears, and a Empress Bulblax producing Bulborb Larva appear, as well as many poison pipes and Bomb-Rocks falling from the sky. And this is on a high platform.

Floor 8 Edit

A remake of floor 2 of Shower Room, But now it has half of the area of where Gyroid Bust is found in Bulblax Kingdom and 20 Ranging Bloysters are in here.

Floor 9 Edit

It is a long rusted pipe. Be careful even if there are no enemies, as you run, Bomb-Rocks fall until you reach the next hole.

Floor 10 Edit

This is a large circle with a Fire Geyser in the middle. 2 Dwarf Bulborbs fall, then, a Orange Bulborb falls. After this, the cave entrance opens.

Floor 11 Edit

A LARGE metallic Tower is the only thing here, many enemies, pits that need bridges to be build over, fire geysers, poison pipes, bomb-rocks, and at the end, you must get to the top before the tower collaspes.

Floor 12 Edit

The floor is made of igneous rock, it is large with many Fiery and Caustic Dweevils, but here is the twist, YOUR IN A MAZE MADE OF INDISTRUCLIBLE ELECTRIC WIRES! And you won't be immune to it.

Floor 13 Edit

18 Greater Spotted Jellyfloats, 12 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloats, 3 Hermit Crawmads, 4 Creeping Chrysanthemums, and a Raging Long Legs are in this large garden that is almost completely submerged in boiling water.

Floor 14 Edit

Wonder why the water was boiling? Because this sublevel is filled with lava!

Floor 15 Edit

Three Man-at-Legs, and there on towers, they never move off them and are always active, also, near the exit, there are two spike walls moving!

Floor 16 Edit

A raft that goes through a volcanic lake passing by Dweevils and boulders.

Floor 17 Edit

A garden like room that is a maze, out of reach Armored Cannon Beetle Larva will shoot at your Pikmin, at the end, there is a giant stone that must be blown up by a Volatile Dweevil.

Floor 18 Edit

A large labyrinth made of coarse dirt, featuring crystallines and fossils, it's empty and bland, until you reach the end, the hole closes up and boulders start dropping from the ceiling, you must get back to the start or you'll become a pancake!

Floor 50Edit

this is your one and only rest sublevel and one of the 3 sublevels to have treasure. this trasure is the #2 scribbler.

there's also some bulbmin!

Floor 10

Floor 75Edit

Looks like we ran into up to 11 Bulbearmin and an Empress Bulblax that makes rocks fall out of the sky, but at least the bulblax won't produce Bulborb Larvae.

Floor 99Edit

time for more misery you shouldn't have many pikmin so put in some bulbmin! did I mention that you have to face the Titan Dweevil here?

FLOOR 100!Edit

duhdundundunduhdun DUN! final floor! and... its... empty? NOT heres the one and only place you'll find the Razor Blade.


once you beat the Razor Blade and retrieve the Final Coin the screen will fade white and you'll be teleported to the surface and the cave explodes sending a wave of plasma energy through the planet. you will then have highly increased speed and strength for the captains and pikmin.

anyone can add their own floor (3-49 51-74 76-98) to this pit of 100 trials!