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Pygmy Jellyfloat
Pygmy Jellyfloat
Scientific Name Cephalus dottalium
Family Jellyfloat
Areas Forest Depths
Underground Areas Dead Man's Trench, Dark Forest Cave, Worlds Beyond
Carry Weight N/A
Seed Worth N/A
Attacks Inhales and eats Pikmin

The Pygmy Jellyfloat is an ancient creature that shares some of the same structures that the jellyfloats do, so it has been classified as a jellyfloat. However, it does not hover like the others. It's a mud-dwelling creature that moves in a way similar to a Water Dumple. It sucks up Pikmin around its body and eats them, so the way it is defeated is by throwing Pikmin on top of it, then calling them back when it shakes them off. Normally, they are about the size of a Wollywog, although if enough are killed, the rare enemy "Oxymoron Jellyfloat" will appear.

Defeating the Oxymoron Jellyfloat Edit

First off, the reason it has this name is because it is a Pygmy Jellyfloat, only giant. Therefore, it has the title "Oxymoron Jellyfloat". It is capable of sucking Pikmin up easily because of its huge size, so you'll want to stand just the right distance so you can throw Pikmin onto it without having to get too close. Ultra-Bitter Spray is useful in defeating this enemy. It's body is worth sixty-five Pikmin if you defeat it.


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