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The Mark of Progress Edit

This is the first dungeon in the brand-new Ancient Wetland area, which you will have unlocked after finding the Dark Spores in both the Dark Field Cave and the Dark Desert Cave. To reach this dungeon, you'll just have to journey inland, navigating through the perilous sands and ferocious wildlife that guards the way to the temple. Getting through the temple is much like getting to it: work smartly in the quicksand and don't let it hinder your fighting. You'll find this place to be a little easier than the Dark Caves, but that's meant to show how far you've come from your beginning exploits in the Magenta Den! Either way, puzzles here still require plenty of thought- quicksand certainly puts a different twist on old challenges. It also makes for an obnoxious final-floor boss! Bring lots of sprays!

Wildlife Edit


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