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Ravenous Bulbear

The Ravenous Bulbear in its Mad State.

The Ravenous Bulbear is a Spotty Bulbear that is irritated into a ravenous state by the insides of a Breakdown Patche. This creature foams at the mouth and jumps rapidly at their enemies. When it screams, you can see its veins and it turnes red. It that state, it rips all living beings in its way. You are advised to hide while it is like this because it can kill the captains in one crunch and eats thirty Pikmin at once and can bite forever until all Pikmin are gone then chew. When its mouth is full, throw a Pikmin at it and it will get thrown off balance. Also it will drop the Pikmin not chewed in his mouth. This foe is harsh.

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