The Rocky Bark is a boss of Pikmin Wii.

Name: Rocky bark. Abilities: Crush pikmin, Earthquake, sand tomb, magmitude.


This sumo foe has mainly earth attacks so use Green Pikmin as advised.when it uses pikmin crush, have your pikmin run in front of you by guiding them with the whistle then the dog will fall and will (Hopefully) not crush your pikmin. When its dizzy run up to it and punch it til' it's armor falls off then it will scream and run into the wall. rocks will fall from the ceiling but green pikmin won't get hurt or you(But if this is your first Rocky bark battle, you won't have it as a treasure yet so, your spacesuit will get damaged). Then the armor will grow back. Sometimes, when the beast runs into the wall, Stone bulborbs might fall.

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