Spray shops are areas for buying spray And Creating spray.

Spray Prices Edit

Spray Creator Edit

  • Poison Spray- 4 Poison bottles And 1 Poison berry
  • Spicy Spray- 2 Power Bottles And 3 Power berries
  • Bitter Spray- 3 Bitter leaves And 2 Paralyze berries
  • Water Spray- 5 ocean pearls
  • Pepper Gas- 1 pepper bottles and 1 Gas bottle
  • Healing spray- 5 Green, antidote, Thaw, Water, Free, Unblind, or elixir berries

Spray failure Edit

Spray Failure Happens if things are mixed incorrectly. The result will be a Carrier Pikmin egg

Healing Spray Code Edit

  • Heal: Normal green color
  • Antidote: Green With a brown bottom
  • Thaw: Green With a fire texture
  • Water: Green-Blue color
  • Free: Dark Green color
  • Unblind: Light blue color
  • Elixir: Sparkling green Texture

Healing Spray Results Edit

  • Heal: Healed by 20 hp
  • Antidote: Cures poison
  • Thaw: Frees of ice
  • Water: Puts out fire
  • Free: Frees of Darkness
  • Unblind: Frees Of Blind
  • Elixir: Cures Paralysis And/Or heals By 50 hp

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