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Static Blowhog
Scientific Name Electrius Boggious
Family Blowhog
Carry Weight N/A
Attacks Blows electricity, sucks pikmin

A Static Blowhog is a member of the blowhog family that is as big as President.It is one of the enemies of Pikmin Wii. It floats in the air with its outer skin puffing up and retracting to keep airborne. This foe rumbles its inner body and makes static electricity against its skin and directing it out with its snout. This enemy also sucks your pikmin in and shocks them. After it is finished sparking, it spits the pikmin out with an electric force, and it hits the captain.


With PikminEdit

The best and easiest way to defeat the static blowhog is to throw yellows at it, it will get too heavy and drop. The other way is to wiegh it down with just one purple pikmin. After the blowhog is on the ground, the insalation of the ground does not allow this creature to spark while on the ground. The only exceptions are water where the electricity gets conducted to the metal attraction of the captains. While the static blowhog is on the ground, just swarm it with preferably purple or red pikmin to destroy like a dwarf bulborb.

Without PikminEdit

Attacking this foe is impossible without pikmin unless you are holding a bomb-rock while it sucks up the air on you. The foe will explode, with half of its health gone and it will fall on the ground and you can punch it until it dies.


Olimar's NotesEdit

Static Blowhog
Electrius Boggious
Blowhog Family

This predetor hunts prey by rubbing the rubber-like inner skin and outer clear skin together to conduct electricity that goes through its viens to the snout where it coats the blowhog in a charged flow of electricity.

Louie's NotesEdit

The clear outer skin is flavorless and inedible while the orange rubbery inner skin is delightfully scrumptious. Used mainly for Backyard Barbacue Blowhog cookouts.

Glaxy's JornalEdit

As this animal of the unnamed planet flys with its puffy air sack of an orange skin, this animal did not always puff up. It used to have orange skin with a semi-clear outer layer and it stayed afloat water with its undeveloped air sack. It used to be a prey until the Emperor Bulblax became big and really scared the Static Blowhogs and made their inner skin rub and shake until the inner skin became rubbery allowing it to direct air and electricity to what it is today.


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