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Steam Goolix
Steam Goolix
Scientific Name Celdol vorporus
Family Cell Puddle
Carry Weight 2
Max. Carriers 3 Pikmin
Seed Worth 100 Pikmin
Attacks throws pikmin

This is a species of goolix that has a body composed of gas instead of liquid. It is able to float because of this. At first sight, it may appear that this creature is just the two nuclei floating about, but it does give a slight white tint when looked through.

This has no direct way to damage Pikmin (unless a specific game wants to make the steam hot), however it does have the ability to throw pikmin that are attacking it around by either being hit in the white nucleus or banging its two nuclei together. This will scatter Pikmin, quite far esspecially if it is in the air, and the Pikmin can land in other hazards, near other enemies or out of bounds. Steam Goolixes will chase after Pikmin so these can be particularly annoying and hard to avoid, especially if there are multiple of these.

How to DefeatEdit

Captains cannot defeat these.

Either of the two nuclei are prone to Pikmin damage. If the area is safe, the white nucleus can be attacked since it is easier to hit. It will cause the Pikmin to be bounced around, so it should not be hit if the area is not safe.

The other nucleus is harder to hit, but safer since it does not scatter Pikmin as easily, and the Pikmin can cling onto that nucleus. The Pikmin can be recalled just before the two nuclei slam together to prevent them from scattering at all. However, it is easy to hit the bigger nucleus accidentally, so care must be taken to avoid doing that.

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