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The Woods of Faith is a tropical forest area in Pikmin: Global Breakdown. It is home to Bomb-Rock Pikmin. Many Blue Bulborbs appear here. The area has many Breakdown Patches. This area is not so much thrown off balance, but some areas are irritated.


  • Breakdown Level-10/100
  • Normal Level-40/100
  • Heat Level-70/100
  • Frost Level-0/100
  • Wind Level-2/5


  • Sunny-20%
  • Rain-40%
  • Fog-10%
  • Stormy-0%
  • Scorching Hot-30%
  • Sheer Cold-0%

Important LandmarksEdit

  • Bomb-Rock Pikmin are found on a small mountain of ice. Not even a scorching hot day will melt this "nevermeltice". You need Ice Pikmin to dig the ice at the bottom to make it go down to where you can walk on it.
  • One of the breakdown patches is broken and there is a swirling mess around it. That liquid had tampered with an ecosystem of Spotty Bulbear and changed them into Ravenous Bulbear.

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