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The Valley of Repose is an area in Pikmin 2. It is a snowy area that harbors little amounts of flora aboveground, but some plants could be found in the dungeons. This is the first area of the game and represents the Winter season. You will also catch up with a group of Red Pikmin in this level and start collecting treasures.

When the rocket first lands here, it hits a tree branch on the way down, but lands safely. A closer look, however, reveals that Louie fell out of the cockpit. This part of the game acts as a tutorial, but after the first two days, it acts like all other levels.

A belief commonly held by fans is that the Valley of Repose is the same area as The Forest Navel since the other areas in Pikmin 2 all have similar layouts and scenery to areas from Pikmin 1. However, considering that the map and the level scenery of the Valley of Repose are not at all similar to those of The Forest Navel, the idea that the two could be the same is unlikely, making the Valley of Repose the only area without a Pikmin 1 analogue.




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