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Wistful Wild is the last level that can be accessed in Pikmin 2, once you pay off the Hocotate Freight Company's debt. This level is a combination of The Impact Site and The Final Trial levels from Pikmin. This level has three caverns and five treasures. The level also represents the season of Autumn.

On Days 31, 61, 91, 121, 151, 181, 211, 241, 271, 301, and so on, you may see some weird insects in this location resembling small Doodlebugs. They release poison occasionally and there are a lot of them. Each one has an extremely small amount of health, and each one drops a blob of nectar. They are found in two locations: outside Dream Den, and by Hole of Heroes.

It is possible to go onto the wall borders of the map via several enemies, including the Decorated Cannon Beetle and Watery Blowhog. This video shows how much of the area can be explored there.



File:Gatling Groink Wistful Wild.png


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